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Have Fun on Your Child's School Break


The school year can be filled with homework, responsibilities, projects and a lot of other commitments for both you and your child. But a school break gives you both the opportunity to slow down, have a little fun and spend time together. If you're unsure about how to spend your child's days off from school, the ideas below should get you both started.

Having Fun on School Break

  • Enjoy the Ordinary: First of all, it's important to note that even families on a strict budget can enjoy days off from school. If you don't have any money to spend, just take the days as a sign to relax, catch up on chores, and maybe watch a little television together. Bake cookies or pop a bowl of popcorn and enjoy time together playing cards or board games. Take a walk around your neighborhood, or a bike ride for an inexpensive activity. Or, visit your local library so that you can check out books, magazines, video games or movies to enjoy together. Enjoying the ordinary, everyday things we do can be a welcome break from the craziness that the school week brings.
  • Start a Business: Spend a portion of your school break helping your child brainstorm ways for him to earn a little spending money. Once you have a great idea, help him create flyers or business cards and a strategy for getting the word out. Ideas for a tween business could include a pet setting business, babysitting or serving as a mother's helper or tending to lawns and gardens when neighbors are away.
  • Host a Scavenger Hunt: It's always fun to include friends and neighbors when you're planning an activity, and a scavenger hunt is a fun way to spend an afternoon without spending any money. Create a list of things the kids have to find on their hunt, and then set them out in search of finding them. When the hunt is over, offer snacks and drinks as a reward.
  • Take a Virtual Vacation: This is a fun idea, no matter the season. Pick a destination and visit it virtually. Search on the Internet places of interest to visit, places to stay and eat, and facts and research about your place of interest. Check out the weather, popular museums and unusual things to do together.
  • Work Out: Your local YMCA, aquatic center or other recreational facility might be a fun place to spend a part of your child's school break. Ask about daily passes or a week long pass that you can use while your child's out of school. Spending a day splashing around in an indoor pool might be just the way to spend a few hours together. Then dry off, get dressed and grab lunch or a smoothie on the way home.
  • Attend a Free Concert: Play or Performance: Your local parks and recreation department may have information on free performances that you and your child can attend while on school break. Attending a concert or a play is a great way to introduce your child to the arts, and enjoy an afternoon or evening together. Your local newspaper may also have details on what is available in your community.
  • Ask Your Tween: Your child might have a few suggestions on what to do together over school break. He may want to go to the movies, play video games at home with you, or spend time relaxing with friends. Discuss ideas together, and enjoy your school break.
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