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Pumpkin Decorating Ideas for Preteens


Pumpkin Decorating Ideas for Preteens
For many tweens, Halloween is the best season of the year. Candy, trick-or-treating, parties and plenty of pumpkins for decorating, cooking and having fun. If your tween is looking for a few new ideas on pumpkin decorating, these might get his creativity going. A trip to the pumpkin patch and a stop by the craft store is all you'll need to do to set your tween loose on a fun pumpkin decorating project.

Pumpkin Decorating Ideas for the Creative Tween

Go Traditional: Some tweens just want a traditional Jack-O-Lantern. If that's the case with your tween, then give him a black magic marker, and a basic pumpkin carving kit that you can find at any big box retailer. Outline the Jack-O-Lantern face with the marker and then have your tween carve away. Another suggestion would be to purchase a pumpkin pattern kit, or download patterns from the internet. Your child can choose from funny faces to scary ones, and the patterns vary from very experienced pumpkin carvers to the beginner.

Draw a Face: Pumpkins provide the perfect canvas for creating a fun and expressive face. Have your child outline a cat's face, a bunny's, a dog's or some other creature. Or, give your pumpkin a funny or scary face. You can add to your pumpkin's character by placing a hat on top, or a mask over its eyes. Wigs and other everyday items and clothing accessories can be used to give your pumpkin personality and pizzaz.

Paint It: A few paintbrushes, some paints in various colors and maybe a sponge or two and you have all you need to create the pumpkin you've always wanted. Whether you add stripes, polka dots, or some other creative decor the pumpkin will likely be gorgeous and ready for an important position on your front step. Just be sure the pumpkin has been cleaned and is completely dry before applying any paint.

Think Glitter: Glitter glue can make a plain pumpkin into something dazzling and bright. Glitter glue pens are easy for any child to use, and whether they create a defined pattern or just scribble away on the pumpkin, the effect will be lovely once the glue has dried. Glitter glue pens come in a variety of colors and can usually be found at craft stores, big box retailers and even discount stores.

Apply Pom-Poms or Thumb Tacks: You can purchase a bag of colorful pom-poms at your local craft store and have your child glue them to his pumpkin. He can choose just one color or several or create a pattern with them. Just be sure your pumpkin is safe from the rain if you're planning on leaving it outdoors. Colorful thumbtacks can also be used to decorate a pumpkin, just poke them in the pumpkin and you're done!

Leave it Alone: Sometimes the most interesting or prettiest pumpkins are those without decorations and carvings. If your child wants to leave the pumpkin as is, be sure to choose interesting pumpkins that will serve as conversation pieces on Halloween night. Pumpkins that are shaped funny, are extra large or that come in interesting colors or textures can be very beautiful and different from all the others trick-or-treaters see on Halloween night. Make pumpkin picking a family adventure and try to find the most outrageous or interesting pumpkin out there.

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