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Middle School Events

Middle schools host events all year long, here's just a few.


Middle school is a busy time in a child's life, and in the parents' lives as well. If your child is now in middle school, you'll need to know about many of the events that pop up during the year. Attend as many as possible. That will help you get to know your child's new school, and will help you stay involved in your child's education and social life.

Middle School - Events are a Part of the Experience

  • School Orientation: School orientation is possibly the first event you and your child will attend during the middle school years. At orientation, you and your tween will learn a lot about the school, the expectations, the principal, the teachers and of course, the after school activities, clubs or organizations. Be sure you take a tour so your child can get a feel for the school, and be sure to ask any questions you may have.
  • Back to School Night: Back to School Night usually takes place a few weeks after the school year begins. Back to School Night gives parents the chance to meet with their child's teachers, learn about the curriculum, and ask any questions they might have. You may also learn a bit about how your child is doing in school, or if there are any challenges.
  • The School Dance: Many middle schools throw at least one school dance during the school year, either after school or on a weekend night. Attending the school dance can be both exciting and intimidating to your tween. Tweens who don't get asked to go with someone may feel self-conscious or left out. And tweens who do have a date for the dance may also feel awkward and nervous. You can help your tween by being positive and by pointing out that just about everybody feels the same way.
  • School Concerts and Plays: Middle schools are often very proud of the accomplishments of their band, chorus or theatre programs. When the schools present a concert, play or other special event, they often open up the event to parents, and the community at large. It's a lot of fun to attend these programs, even if your child is not a member of the chorus, school band or theatre program. And if your tween attends he has the opportunity to learn more about activities that are offered at the school, or to encourage his friends who are performing.
  • School Carnival or Festival: Schools often raise money for the PTAs or other school programs through annual carnivals or festivals. If you'd like to attend or volunteer for such an event, contact your school PTA or the school administration for details.
  • School Games: Middle schools may or may not have middle school sports as a part of their offerings, but even schools that don't have an official football or basketball team might offer intramural sport programs after school. If your child joins a school sports team, you'll want to attend games, fundraisers or other events. You'll get to know other parents and students, and you'll be able to determine your child's level of interest in the activity.
  • Middle School Graduation: Graduating from middle school is quite an accomplishment, and middle school graduation is often the final school event for your middle school student. Some schools hold formal graduation ceremonies, while others may only hold an informal assembly or host a picnic or a dance for graduating students. Be sure your child participates, if possible. After all, it will be the last chance your child has to spend with his fellow students before starting high school.
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