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Does Your Tween Want to Go to Camp this Summer?

Why you should consider summer camp this year


For many children, summer camp is a highlight of the year. From the minute they sign up for camp, until the day they go, they're excited, planning their adventures and looking forward to making new friends.

If you're considering sending your tween to camp this year, there's a lot you should know. Sure, you might miss your child, and he might miss you. But the benefits of summer camp are well worth it for many families. Below are reasons why allowing your child to go to camp is a good idea.

Why You Should Allow Your Tween to Go to Camp

There are many reasons why a child should go to summer camp. For instance, summer camp:

  • is a lot of fun. While at camp your child may canoe, learn archery, make crafts, sing songs, make s'mores, and learn new skills.
  • may not be as expensive as you think. Many camps offer camperships or financial assistance for families in need.
  • may give your child the chance to make a life-long friend.
  • allows your child to learn independence and self-reliance.
  • gives your child a change of scenery.
  • gets your child off the couch and outside participating in activities and keeping busy.
  • may make your child appreciate you a little more.
  • may introduce your child to a new hobby or passion.
  • may give your child the chance to know children from a diversity of economic, cultural and religious backgrounds.
  • gives your child the chance to learn from other adults and teenagers who are trained to work with children.
  • may help your child improve a certain skill -- such as improving soccer skills, or baseball skills.
  • may teach your child how to interact with others in person, rather than by cell phone, or computer.
  • may give your child the chance to learn leadership skills.
  • helps break up the three months of summer vacation.
  • helps your child learn how to budget his spending money at the camp canteen.
  • may give you a discount if you sign up early or register more than one child.
  • may help your child learn how to work within a group, get along with others, and embrace a team approach.
  • may give your child the chance to learn about another part of your state, or another part of the country.
  • may help your child transition into adolescence and eventually, into the adult you want your tween to become.
  • may teach your child to slow down and enjoy the scenery. Many camps require kids take a rest in the afternoon to rest, read and relax.
  • may teach your child survival skills, or teach him about nature, the environment and how we interact with the world around us.
  • may teach your child how to share with others.
  • may encourage your tween to try new foods or new activities.
  • will help your child learn how to keep up with his belongings.
  • may help your child decide what to study in college.
  • may give your child ideas about a future career.
  • may help boost your child's self-esteem, as he takes care of himself, conquers homesickness or learns new skills
  • may give you some time alone to conquer family responsibilities, catch up at work or spend time with friends.
  • may teach your child safety skills, such as water skills, or safe canoeing.
  • may give your child the opportunity to write a real letter. Note: be sure to pack stationary, a pencil and a SASE in your child's belongings.
  • may start a new summer tradition for your child - going away for a week to summer camp.
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