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What Tweens Want in Their Christmas Goody Bags


Other items for Christmas goody bags include home-made treats, and personalized ornaments.

When stuffing your Christmas goody bags, make sure there's a candy cane in every bag.


If your tween wants to throw a Christmas party, or if you're in charge of a school party, a scout party or a team party, you may have to stuff a few dozen Christmas goody bags for your tween party goers. The holiday season is the perfect time to offer tweens something a little different. When purchasing items for Christmas goody bags, use the season as your inspiration. And remember, discount and dollar stores are great places to find inexpensive items that are festive and ideal for the preteen crowd.

Christmas Goody Bags: A Few Good Ideas

  • A personalized ornament
  • Traditional stocking stuffer items such as lip gloss, note pads, mini-toys, rubber balls, etc.
  • A few home-made Christmas cookies wrapped in colorful plastic wrap and tied with a ribbon
  • Christmas-themed pens, pencils and erasers
  • A candy cane
  • Small ornament craft kit
  • One-size fits all gloves
  • Holiday-themed tattoos
  • A small Christmas pin or tie-tack
  • Home-made hot chocolate mix or home-made hot spiced cider mix
  • A package of reindeer food
  • A CD of festive holiday music that you and your tween download and burn together
  • A small Christmas decoration for a tween's room or bathroom
  • A pair of holiday-themed socks
  • A package of wrapped Christmas crackers
  • A small, flameless candle in holiday colors
  • A mini-Nutcracker
  • Additional ideas for Christmas goody bags: a holiday-themed mug filled with candy; a Christmas cookie cutter; a small holiday-themed snow globe; mini containers of Play-Doh in green or red; a holiday-themed magnet; and a few jingle bells.
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