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Christmas Caroling Tips and Ideas


Does your tween want to go Christmas caroling this year? It's a great idea, and it's easy to throw together a Christmas caroling party. Below are ideas for a memorable Christmas caroling experience. Have fun!

Christmas Caroling Tips

  • Send out invites to your tween's friends. Advise them to dress for the weather (hats, gloves, scarves, etc.)
  • Make sure every caroler has his or her own caroling booklet of Christmas carols
  • Bring hand warmers and toe warmers if the weather is super cold
  • Bring a wagon for all your supplies: Christmas caroling booklets; extra hats and gloves; a thermos full of hot chocolate or cider; insulated cups, etc.
  • Before you leave the house, know how far your group will walk and where you will carol
  • If you visit a hospital or a nursing home, ask for permission ahead of time to make sure your visit comes at a good time
  • Sing just a song or two per home
  • Choose songs that are short, easy to sing, and fun
  • Take pictures of the Christmas caroling adventure to share with parents and friends
  • Have homemade cookies, hot chocolate or other goodies waiting for your Christmas carolers when they're finished
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