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Christmas Break Fun for Tweens


Children look forward to the Christmas break holiday as soon as the new school year begins. But if you're busy working, shopping or preparing for relatives, your tween will have to entertain himself while you get ready for the festivities. You can keep your preteen busy over Christmas break with the ideas below. If you're lucky, you might find enough time to join in on the fun.

Christmas Break - Ideas to Keep Your Tween Busy

  • Go Christmas Caroling
  • Volunteer at a local senior citizen home, animal shelter or your church
  • Put your tween to work decorating the home for the holidays
  • Put your tween in charge of wrapping presents, be sure you have a healthy supply of wrapping paper, ribbon, gift bags and tape
  • Ask your tween to help plan the holiday meal, you can even put your child in charge of preparing one of the items on the menu
  • Visit a local museum
  • Have your tween download Christmas music to play when friends or relatives come over
  • Have your tween set an exercise goal for each day of Christmas break, such as walking 20 minutes a day, etc.
  • Visit old friends, former teachers, or neighbors that you rarely see anymore
  • Make your tween the family historian - give him the digital camera and ask him to document the holiday with photos and family interviews in a family scrapbook
  • Have a game day for your tween's friends - ask them to bring their favorite board game, and you provide the refreshments
  • Host a cookie exchange or a chili cook off
  • Put your tween in charge of buying or making Christmas presents for the family pets
  • Have your tween make bird feeders and then hang them around your home
  • Take your tween to the local library so that he can check-out a few books or magazines to read over Christmas break
  • Break out the sidewalk chalk and have your tween decorate your driveway for the holiday season
  • Put a spin on the lemonade stand by operating a hot cocoa stand - just make a thermos or two of homemade hot chocolate, add insulated cups, homemade brownies and a tip jar
  • Have your tween clean out his closet and toy bins in order to make room for new clothes and all those presents he's expecting to find under the tree
  • Take an afternoon off from your responsibilities and have a picnic - just pack a lunch, bundle up and visit a local park or attraction with your tween
  • Have a bonfire in your backyard and ask friends over to roast marshmallows and sing Christmas carols
  • If your tween is crafty, ask her to make individualized place mates for the family dinner table - provide her with construction paper, glue, markers, colored pencils and of course, glitter
  • If your workplace allows, consider bringing your tween to work with you one day over Christmas break so he can learn about what you do and how you spend the day while he's busy at school
  • Consider putting your tween to work over the holiday by paying him to tackle a major household chore that you've been putting off, such as organizing a closet, clearing out the garage or cleaning out the refrigerator
  • Take advantage of one of the local holiday events offered in your area, such as a concert, play, ornament making session, or a holiday lights celebration
  • It's not too soon to think about a summer family vacation, ask your tween to do some research on places your family might like to visit over the summer
  • Make sure your tween stays on top of any homework assignments or projects he's responsible for over the break, including practicing instruments, etc.
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