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Beach Fun for Preteens


The beach is a great destination for a family vacation or even just a weekend away. There's a lot for tweens to explore at the beach and there's always fun to be had. If you and your tween are headed to the beach, below are a few fun ideas for having fun with your child.

Beach Fun Tween Style

  • Have a Scavenger Hunt: Tweens love scavenger hunts and the beach is a great place to have one. Make a list of items you can find or spot at the beach: seashells; fish; seaweed; tourists, etc. and then have your child have fun finding them. If you have several tweens traveling with you, you could divide them into teams and then provide a prize to the winner.
  • Pick up Trash: Is your tween interested in the environment? Bring a trash bag with you and take a few minutes to pick up the trash you find on the beach -- you'll do the beach a favor and your tween will feel good about making a difference.
  • Make Sand Castles: Tweens aren't too old to enjoy making sand castles. Be sure you bring sand pails, shovels and all the other items you'll need to get your child busy building the castle of his dreams. Don't forget to decorate your castles with seashells and other items from the beach. Also, be sure to take pictures. Soon your tween will be too old to enjoy the fun that comes with creating your own sand fortress.
  • Just Relax: Most tweens today have really busy schedules keeping up with school, homework, extracurricular activities and other demands. With all of their responsibilities, sometimes it's nice to just take the time to do nothing. Spending a day or two watching the waves, enjoying the sun and relaxing by the ocean can be an ideal vacation for a preteen.
  • Learn Something: A vacation or even a long weekend away can be a wonderful learning experience for a tween. If you spend any time at the beach with your child, consider visiting a museum, historical attraction or an aquarium for a few hours. The venture may bring the beach or the region alive for your child, and teach him something about the waters and the wildlife that live there.

    Or, consider taking surfing, sailing or paddle boarding lessons.

  • Go for a Beach Walk: Walking along the beach is a must for any child. Grab a water bottle, lather up with sunscreen and see how far you and your tween can walk along the beach. Take time to look for seashells, dolphins, seagulls and other critters. If you work up a sweat, jump into the water for a quick cool off.
  • Start a Collection: The beach provides the perfect environment for starting a seashell collection. Consider finding as many seashells as possible while on your trip, taking the time to identify them, wash them and display them. If you want, you could even consider buying a guide to seashells at a local tourist shop.
  • Go Souvenir Hunting: The beach is full of souvenir stores and it's always fun to find inexpensive but fun souvenirs to take home. Give your tween a budget and then go shopping for fun gifts to take home to friends, family and your tween.
  • Find a Fun Restaurant: Most beach towns offer a variety of inexpensive but fun restaurants. Try to find out where the locals go for burgers, seafood and other goodies and then visit with your tween.
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