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Cold Weather Fun for Tweens

Activities that make the most of chilly temperatures


Make Snacks for the Birds: If it's cold for you than it's cold for all the critters outside, too. Make it easier for some of them by sharing a snack or two. Your tween can spend time searching for ideas on what to feed the birds in your neighborhood. Search for ideas on making bird food or bird feeders and then have fun sharing the goodies with your feathered neighbors.

Have a Craft Fest: Break out the craft supplies and see what your tween can do. Or, consider visiting your local library for books or videos on drawing, painting or cartooning. A cold day is also a fun time to find a new hobby, such as knitting or crocheting. Keep a few craft kids in your supply cabinet and break them out when the weather isn't cooperating. Consider craft activities that you and your tween can do together. 

Paint the Windows: Keep a stock of window decorations so your tween can turn you windows into art work. Removable window decals and window paint, or markers are all your tween needs to create a masterpiece for all to see. And if he doesn't like his creation, he can remove it and start all over again. 

Enjoy Homemade Soup or Chili: There's no better time to make a pot of hot soup or chili than a really cold day. You and your tween can find a yummy recipe online on in your recipe books. Shop for the ingredients and then enjoy a bowl of soup with a side salad and a piece of crusty bread. 

Bake, Bake, Bake: Cold days are the best days to bake an assortment of goodies such as bread, cookies, brownies, cakes or pies. If you can't finish off all the goodies yourself, share them with friends, neighbors or family members. Have fun looking for recipes and shopping for the ingredients. Try to find a recipe or two that are new to you and your tween. You may discover a new tradition and a new favorite.

Build a Fort: If it's cold outside bring the fun inside. Have your tween invite a few friends over to make a fort. Supply them with blankets, sheets and when the fort is finished they can enjoy hot chocolate or tea and cookies inside their structure. Magazines, books and board games will allow them to have fun for hours without leaving their newly constructed fort. 

Bundle Up and Go Outside: Just because it's cold outside doesn't mean your child can't have a little fun. Bundle up your tween and send him outside for a while for an adventure or two. He and his friends can enjoy an outdoor scavenger hunt or they can skateboard or play a game of pickup football. Just be sure they check in frequently to warm up and for refreshments. 

Have a Bonfire: An outdoor bonfire is a fun way to enjoy the outdoors on a cold day. Consider inviting friends and neighbors over for a bonfire celebration. Provide food, hot beverages and think of activities you can do together by the fire. Don't forget to make s'mores or other yummy campfire goodies. 


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