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Fun Birthday Cake Alternatives for Tween Parties
Forget the birthday cake, these birthday cake alternatives are great choices for tweens.

Easter Holiday Fun - Ideas for You and Your Tween
Easter holiday fun for parents and preteens.

Slumber Parties - Activity Ideas for Girls
Slumber parties are all about having fun. Here are a few activity ideas for your tween daughter.

Sports Gifts - Ideas for Your Tween
If your tween is into sports, consider these ideas for sports gifts.

Middle School Activities Your Tween Can Join
There are a number of middle school activities that might appeal to your child.

Why Your Tween Should Attend Day Camp
A good day camp can make your child's summer fun and exciting. Here are the benefits of sending your child to a day camp program.

Craft Supply - What's In Your Craft Supply Cabinet?
Tweens need certain supplies for school projects, hobbies, and just for fun. What's in your family's craft supply cabinet?

The Craft Supplies Every Tween Needs
Whether they're for school projects or just for fun, these are the craft supplies every tween needs.

Summer Activity - What Summer Activity Does Your Family Look Forward …
Everyone has a favorite summer activity - what's yours?

Summer Activities for Bored Tweens
Summer fun for the active preteen.

Fun Jobs for Children and Tweens
Teach your child how to pitch-in and make a difference, because there are fun jobs for children of all ages.

How to be a Mother's Helper
Is your tween ready to be a mother's helper? Here's what every mother's helper should know.

Activities for Earth Day - Share Your Ideas on Activities for…
Know of any great activities for Earth Day for parents of tweens? Share your ideas.

A Parent's Guide to Summer Camps
Summer camps offer children the opportunity to learn new skills, make new friends, and maybe even establish a little independence from mom and dad. But finding the right camp, and preparing your child for the experience can be quite the chore. You can make the process a bit easier on yourself and your tween with just a little preplanning. Below...

Spring Activities for Older Children
The change of seasons always brings plenty of opportunities for children to learn and grow. Spring is a time when we all say good-bye to winter, and welcome warmer weather, flowers and longer days. Welcome the season with these spring activities for older kids.

Nature Activities for Home, School or Anywhere
Teach your tween the joys of being outdoors with these fun nature activities.

Worms and Dirt Recipe
Whether it's Earth Day or a birthday party, this worms and dirt recipe is fun to make, and fun to eat.

Plan a Fun Earth Day for Kids
Want your children to appreciate the world around them? A few activities makes for a fun and educational earth day for kids.

Car Activities for Kids - Share Your Ideas on Car Activities for Kids
How do you keep your children busy on a long road trip? Share your ideas on car activities for kids.

Kids Car Activities for Family Road Trips
Preparing for a family road trip, be sure you pack plenty of kids car activities.

13th Birthday Party - What Did You Do For Your Child's 13th B…
The transition from tween to teen should be celebrated. How did you help your child celebrate his or her 13th birthday? Share your ideas on throwing a 13th birthday party.

How Did You Plan and Pull-Off Your Tween's Surprise Party?
Have you thrown a surprise party for your tween? Tell us how you did it, and kept the secret from your child.

Winter Activity - What is Your Family's Favorite Winter Activity?
What does your family look forward to during the winter months? Share your family's favorite winter activity or winter tradition.

Winter Activities for Families with Tweens
If the cold winter months are taking their toll, it's time for you and your tween to enjoy a few fun winter activities.

New Year's Traditions - Share Your Family's New Year's Traditions
Does your family enjoy watching the Times Square Ball drop? Do you watch a special movie on New Year's Eve? Share your family's special New Year's traditions.

Throw a New Year's Party for Tweens
Children enjoy celebrating the end of a year and the beginning of a new year as much as adults. Host a Tween New Year's Party for children who want to start the New Year off with a bang.

Traveling with Kids - What's Your Secret to Traveling with Kids?
How do you make the most of a long car trip or plane trip with your children? What's your secret to traveling with kids, keeping them happy, and most of all, enjoying the trip together?

Plan a Fun Thanksgiving for Kids
Tweens often loose interest in the Thanksgiving holiday, but you can plan a fun Thanksgiving for kids and put your tween to work at the same time.

Reindeer Food Recipe Makes for Reindeer Magic
Will Santa visit you this year? Only with the help of his reindeer. This reindeer food recipe will help you create a little reindeer magic of your own.

What Tweens Want in Their Christmas Goody Bags
If your tween is planning a Christmas party, you'll need to assemble Christmas goody bags for all the guests.

Fun Themes for a Tween Birthday Bash
Every party needs a theme. Here are a few for your tween to consider.

Halloween Traditions - What are Your Favorite Halloween Traditions?
What do you look forward to during the Halloween season? Is it visiting a pumpkin patch, or making your own costume? Share your favorite Halloween traditions.

Tweens, Halloween and Making the Most of the Autum Season
Making the most of Halloween, tween style!

Tween Birthday Party Ideas - Great Tween Birthday Party Ideas for Old…
If you're planning a birthday party for an older child, consider these tween birthday party ideas.

Birthday Ideas for Older Children
Throwing a party for a preteen can be fun. Here's what you should know.

Great Ideas for Tween Birthday Party Favors
Looking for ideas for tween birthday party favors? This is where you can share your ideas, or find out what today's tweens want in their goody bags.

Fun Items for Preteen Party Favor Bags
Throw a great preteen birthday party with these ideas on stuffing a great goody bag.

Easy to Make Tween Costumes for Halloween or Just for Fun
These easy to make tween costumes are easy to make and are perfect for Halloween, parties or just for fun.

Pumpkin Activities for You and Your Tween
Make the pumpkin the center of fun activities this fall.

Songs for Halloween Parties and Tween Halloween Gatherings
If your tween is planning on throwing a Halloween party, these songs for Halloween may be just the thing to get the party going.

Halloween Costumes for Girls
Does your tween need a costume idea for Halloween or for a party? We have five Halloween costumes for girls that are easy to make and fun to wear.

Halloween Costumes for Girls - Great Ideas for Tweens

How to Make a Fortune Teller Costume for Halloween or a Party
Does your tween need a costume for a party or for Halloween? A fortune teller costume is easy to assemble and fun to wear.

Have Fun Roasting Pumpkin Seeds
Pumpkin seeds are healthy and roasting pumpkin seeds is a fun activity you can do with your tween.

Make a Miss America Costume for Halloween
Does your tween daughter need a costume for a party or for Halloween? You can create a Miss America costume in a snap.

How to Make a Housewife Costume with Your Tween
Does your tween need a costume for a party or for Halloween? Together you can make a housewife costume with items from your own home. It's easy, and fun to wear.

Make Your Own Roman Goddess Costume
Does your tween need a costume idea for a party or for Halloween? This Roman Goddess costume is easy to make and fun to wear.

How to Make a Chef Costume
Be a chef for Halloween, here's how.

Activity Ideas for a Kids Halloween Party for Tweens
Tweens love Halloween parties. Here are a few ideas to get your party off the ground.

Tween Costume Ideas for Preteen Boys
It can be difficult to come up with tween costume ideas for the preteen set. Especially when preteen boys are involved. They still want to participate in trick-or-treating, but they have to be careful to keep to their cool image. These tween costume ideas for preteen boys are fun to put together, and won't risk hurting your child's cool image.

Pizza Delivery Costume
If your tween is lacking in Halloween costume ideas this year, a Pizza Delivery Costume might be the solution.

A Construction Worker Costume is a Great Tween Halloween Idea
You can assemble a construction worker costume with items from around the house.

Make A Captain Kirk Costume for Halloween
This Captain Kirk Costume is easy to make, and will have your tween saying, "Beam Me Up, Scotty" in no time.

Secret Service Agent Costume - A Halloween Idea for Tween Boys
If your tween boy doesn't know what he wants to wear for Halloween, suggest a Secret Service Agent Costume.

A Halloween Punch Recipe for Your Tween's Halloween Party
This tasty Halloween Punch is perfect to serve to thirsty tween party-goers.

Make a Batch of Halloween Snack Mix
This tasty Halloween Snack Mix is fun for parties or anytime your tween wants a festive treat.

Throw a Tween Pumpkin Party
A pumpkin party is the perfect way to get preteens in the mood for Halloween. Here's how to throw a great tween pumpkin party.

Share Your Photos of Tween Halloween Costumes and Make-Up Creations
Did your tween make his own costume last year? Does your preteen know how to use make-up to transform herself into a vampire or a ghoul? Share your photos of home-made tween Halloween costumes and make-up creations with other readers of the Tween Parenting site.

Share Your Best Ideas for Tween Halloween Costumes
Share your best ideas for fun and creative tween Halloween costumes.

Birthday Party Locations - What Are the Best Birthday Party Locations…
Find out what parents of tweens think are the best and worst birthday party locations for the preteen age group.

Review of Extreme Secret Formula Lab
A science kit for inquisitive tweens. This set includes the equipment needed to assist scientists-to-be with 20 secret experiments.

Tween Holiday Activities
Fun Christmas activities for tweens and their families.

Location, Location, Location
Pick a fabulous location for your tween's next party.

Slumber Party Success
The key to a great sleepover is planning ahead.

Tween Gifts That Rock
Tweens can be difficult to buy for, but these gift ideas make for easy and fun shopping.

Great Tween Party Ideas
Ideas for hosting a tween party and picking a theme.

No Tween Left Inside
Nature Deficit Disorder is common among tweens. This resource helps parents and teachers by offering up ideas and suggestions to help preteens plug back into nature.

Tween Volunteerism
More and more schools are requiring tweens to volunteer. Inspire and help your tween make the most of the experience.

Helping Tweens Celebrate Halloween
They might be too old to dress up but tweens can still celebrate Halloween.

Make Your Family Vacation Tween Friendly
Planning a family vacation? Even older kids can have a great trip, as long as you prepare.

Best Family Vacation - What Was Your Best Family Vacation?
What was the best trip your family ever took? Share your best family vacation memories here.

Psychological Benefits of Being Physically Active
Physical activity has many psychological benefits for tweens, including enhanced mental health and higher self-esteem. Learn why your tween should be physically active.

Developmental Benefits of Reading Literature
Reading literature, like winners of the Newbery Medal, has far more impact on children and tweens than simply boosting reading skills. Reading literature also aids in social, cognitive and emotional development.

Easy To Make Halloween Costumes - What are Your Ideas on Easy to Make…
Halloween is as much fun as ever, but it doesn't have to be expensive outfitting your tween. What are your ideas on easy to make halloween costumes?

Easy to Make Halloween Costumes - Share Ideas on Easy to Make Hallowe…
Halloween is as much fun as ever, but it doesn't have to be expensive outfitting your tween. What are your ideas on easy to make halloween costumes?

How to Make a Monk Costume
It's easy to make a monk costume for halloween or for a costume party. Here's how

Locker Decorations - What Locker Decorations Did You Buy for …
Decorating a school locker can be fun. What locker decorations did you buy for back to school?

How to Make a Cookie Costume
A cookie costume is a great last-minute costume for a party or for halloween.

Enrichment Activities - Ideas for Preteens
Enrichment activities can be fun and educational. Here are a few ideas for your middle schooler.

Halloween Desserts - How to Make Ice Cream Pumpkins
Looking for fun halloween desserts? These ice cream pumpkins are easy to make and yummy to eat.

Hot Cider with Cinnamon
Hot Cider with Cinnamon is a perfect beverage for a Autumn Harvest Party or for Halloween Night.

Fun Halloween Games for Kids
Have fun this Halloween with a few fun games.

Halloween Party Games - Share Your Favorite Ideas on Halloween Party Games
Share your ideas on great Halloween party games.

Non-Candy Halloween Treat Ideas
Halloween treats without the sugar.

Recipe to Make Fake Blood
Getting ready for Halloween or a costume party? This recipe is an easy way to make fake blood.

How to Make a Country Girl Costume
Need a last minute costume for Halloween? It's easy to assemble a country girl costume

Pumpkin Picking Tips for Family Pumpkin Picking
Are you ready to pick pumpkins yet? These pumpkin picking trips will help you pick the best pumpkins, and have a great time.

How to Make a Pirate Costume
Need a quick costume for Halloween or a party? Here's how to make a pirate costume.

How to Make a School Girl Costume
If you need a quick and easy costume for Halloween or a party, you can throw together a school girl costume in minutes.

How to Make a Harry Potter Costume
Sure, you could probably buy a Harry Potter costume, but it wouldn't be as much fun as making your own.

An easy-to-assemble recipe for hot chocolate
Need a great recipe for hot chocolate? This recipe is easy to make, and fun to drink.

A tasty and easy-to-assemble Thanksgiving snack recipe
Put your child to work creating this easy-to-assemble Thanksgiving snack.

Thanksgiving Craft for Tweens - How to Make a Cornucopia
Get your child busy this Thanksgiving with a fun project. Here's how to make a cornucopia.

Why Victims May Not Report Bullying
Many victimized children do not report bullying when it occurs. Here are the reasons why children may fail to report bullying when it happens to them.

Thanksgiving Activities for You and Your Tween
Thanksgiving only comes once a year. Make it fun for your preteen with these Thanksgiving activities.

Simplify Your Holiday Plan with These Shortcuts
The holiday season is always a busy one, with one commitment, responsibility and get-together after another. When you have children, there's even more to do and enjoy. But you can simplify your holiday plan by taking a few short cuts. Below are ways you can give yourself a little extra time to spend on yourself, with your kids, or preparing for...

Christmas Caroling Tips and Ideas
Does your tween want to christmas caroling? These ideas will make for a fun and memorable experience.

Hot Chocolate Recipe
During the winter months, there's nothing quite like hot chocolate. This easy recipe for hot chocolate is a great treat for kids.

Gifts for Artists - Creative Gifts for Artists or Artists-to-Be
Gifts for Artists - Creative Gifts for Artists or Artists-to-Be

Recipe for Christmas Snack Mix
Great as a gift or just for snacking, here's an easy-to-make Christmas snack mix for kids or adults.

Nature Gift Ideas for Children
Are you shopping for a preteen who loves the outdoors? Here are some nature gift ideas you should consider.

What You Should Know Before You Cut Your Own Christmas Tree
Make the most out of cutting your own family tree.

Snow Day - How to Prepare for an Unexpected Snow Day
Snow Day - How to Prepare for an Unexpected Snow Day

Helping Kids Volunteer - Kids, Volunteer Opportunities and Tips
Helping Kids Volunteer - Kids, Volunteer Opportunities and Tips

Winter Fun - Ideas for Kids and Families
You can have fun this winter by making the most of the cold weather.

Throw a Great Classroom Valentine Party
Are you planning a Valentine party for your child's classroom? Here's your planning guide.

Decorating Ideas for a Valentine Box
Does your child need to make a valentine box? Here are a few decorating ideas.

Ideas for Valentine Boxes - Share Your Decorating Ideas for Valentine Boxes
Are you creative? Is your child? Share your decorating ideas for valentine boxes.

Easter Fun for Older Kids
Easter is a time of celebration and inspiration. Here' how older kids can still have Easter fun.

Going Green with Kids
What to go green as a family? These tips will help get you started on going green with kids.

Get Ready for Summer, Now!
Is your family looking forward to the summer months? Here's how to get ready for summer now!

Summer Boredom Busters Your Tween Should Know
These boredom busters may pump a little excitement into your child's summer vacation.

What Your Tween Can Learn from Pet Ownership
Owning a pet can help tweens grow in a number of ways.

How to Make Choco Tacos
Your tween can make this mexican inspired dessert at home. Here's how to make delicious choco tacos.

What to be for Halloween? Ideas for Your Tween
Is your tween asking what to be for Halloween? Kids can make their own costumes, with a little inspiration. Here are a few ideas.

How to Make a Lifeguard Costume
This easy to make lifeguard costume is perfect for Halloween.

How to Make a Dead Bride Costume
Looking for a ghoulish Halloween costume idea? Here's how to make a dead bride costume.

Locker Tips Every Tween Should Know
If your child is headed off to middle school, these locker tips will come in handy.

Find a Camp Program for Your Tween
There's something for everyone when it comes to summer camp programs.

Tips on Making the Most of School Tryouts
If your tween wants to tryout for a play or a school team, here's what he should know.

What Kids Learn from Running a Lemonade Stand
A lemonade stand is a great way to teach kids about economics and even philanthropy.

Halloween Tips for Tweens
A few tips will get your tween in the mood for Halloween.

Costume Suggestions - Tips for Tweens
Don't get caught unprepared for Halloween. Costume ideas are everywhere.

Creative Themes for Halloween Parties
If you're going to throw a Halloween party this year, you'll need a few good theme ideas.

Haunted House Ideas - Share Your Ideas on Making a Great Haunted House
Share your haunted house ideas with parents who are thinking of creating a house of horrors.

Christmas Break Fun for Tweens
Make sure your child doesn't spend Christmas break in front of the television. Consider these fun ideas instead.

Make the Most of the School Band Experience
Joining the middle school band or orchestra can be a of fun and rewarding for your tween.

Holiday Movies Your Tween Will Love
Watch a few holiday movies with your tween and enjoy the time together.

Help Your Child Battle the Post Holiday Blues
The post holiday blues can strike anyone, even kids. Here's how to prevent it.

Show Love - Fun Ways to Show Love to Your Kids
Every day ways to show love to your growing preteen.

Seasonal Activities - Ideas for Tweens and Their Families
Seasonal activities for preteens and their families.

Indoor Activities - Fun Ideas for Tweens
Indoor activities will keep your tween busy on rainy days, or when the weather is too cold for outdoor play.

Easter Traditions for You and Your Tween
Include your tween in these Easter traditions this year.

Spring Break Fun for Preteens
This year, have a little spring break fun with your preteen.

Sleepover Food Ideas for a Great Tween Party
Sleepover food should be tasty and fun to eat.

Packing for Camp - Leave These Items at Home
Packing for camp gets your child in the mood for adventure. But be sure he doesn't bring these items with him to summer camp.

Make a Fun Summer Camp Care Package for Your Tween
Ease summer camp homesickness with a fun camp care package.

Is Your Child Going to Camp this Summer? Don't Despair, There's Plenty to Do
It can be difficult for parents when their child is away at camp, but going to camp is a great experience for kids. Here's your guide to making it through the separation.

Does Your Tween Want to Go to Camp this Summer?
Why your child should go to camp this summer.

Should Your Tween Attend a Co-ed Camp?
Co-ed camps aren't for everyone. Here's what parents should consider.

What you should before, during and after summer camp.
Get the most out of the camp experience by applying these tips.

Summer Camp Movies for Your Preteen
Summer camp movies help set the stage for summer fun.

End of School Year Fun and Activities
Make the most of the end of the school year. Have a little fun!

Theme Ideas for a Fun Slumber Party
For tweens, nothing beats a slumber party. Here are a few ideas on how to throw a memorable sleepover.

Fun Party Activities for a Tween Birthday
Celebrate your tween's birthday with a few fun party activities.

Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Tweens
These scavenger hunt ideas will keep your tweens busy for hours.

Plan a Nature Scavenger Hunt - Here's How
If you spend time outdoors with your tween, a nature scavenger hunt is a fun idea.

Travel Destinations for Families with Tweens
Tweens love to travel and these destinations are just right for their age group.

Plan a Great Summer Trip with Your Tween
Make the most of your family's summer trip.

Activities, food, fun, gifts and more - with preteens in mind.
It's all about the Holiday Season, and having fun with your tween.

Fun for Tween Girls - Activities, Projects and More
It's easy to keep your tween daughter busy. Here are a few projects to get you started.

Fun Retro Games for Tween Parties or Activities
Retro games are great for parties, classroom activities or just for fun.

Fun Night Activities for Kids
Night activities can be fun and get your child out of doors for a little while.

Summer Jobs Your Tween Will Love
Your tween is old enough to find his first summer job.

Ideas for Great Teacher Gifts
These ideas for teacher gifts are fun to give and to receive.

Back to School Fun for Tweens
Make going back to school fun for your tween. Here's how.

Amusement Park Fun for Tweens
Having fun at an amusement park is easy with these tips.

A Parent's Guide to Middle School Sports
The benefits of participating in middle school sports.

Make Your Tween's First Day of School a Hit
Don't let your tween's first day of school go by without your support.

Slumber Wonders - A Book About Sleepovers for Tween Girls
Help your tween make the most of a sleepover party with this handy guidebook.

Enjoy a Spooky Halloween with Your Tween
Begin celebrating Halloween early in October so you can have fun all month long.

How to Avoid a Bad Halloween - Tips for Tweens and Parents
There's no reason your tween has to have a bad Halloween. Here's how to make sure the evening is fun for your tween.

What to Do if Your Child is Sick on Halloween
Being sick on Halloween is a disappointment, but there's still a lot your child can enjoy.

Gift Ideas for Tweens Who Love Animals
Does your child love pets or animals? Consider these fun gift giving ideas.

Is Your Tween an Overscheduled Child?
Try to avoid overscheduling your tween. Every child needs down time, and time alone.

Storm Activities for Tweens Stuck Inside
Weather can keep your child indoors for days at a time, be prepared with these fun storm activities.

Girl Gift Ideas - Girly Girl Gift Ideas for any Occasion
Girl Gift Ideas - Girly Girl Gift Ideas for any Occasion

Before the Party Review Sleepover Rules
Discuss sleepover rules before the party begins.

Middle School Events
Attending school events is a part of the middle school experience.

Charitable Gifts for Tweens
Give a great gift that does some good. We have a few ideas on charitable gifts for preteens.

Winter Break Jobs for Preteens
Your tween can earn a little money over winter break, or help out the family by taking on these winter break jobs.

How to Have Fun When Your Child is Sick at Home
Don't let your child get bored if he's sick at home. Here are a few ideas to make the most of the situation.

Have Fun on Your Child's School Break
Take advantage of a school break to enjoy time off with your tween.

Beach Fun for Preteens
Heading to the beach? Here's a few ideas on having fun at the beach with your child.

Weekend Fun with Your Tween
The weekend can be a lot of fun for tweens. Here's how to have some weekend fun with older children in mind.

A Day Off From School - A Guide for Parents and Tweens
A day free from school is an opportunity for fun and even a little family bonding.

Friendship Fun for Tweens
It's time for a little fun with friends, tween style.

Review of Let's Go Outside!
Get your children outdoors and having fun with this wonderful resource.

Answers for Your Summer Camp Questions
Make sure your summer camp questions are answered.

Make the Most of a Camp Fair
A camp fair can help you find the perfect camp for your child.

A Great Summer Camp Experience for Your Child
A great camp experience depends on a little preparation ahead of time.

Summer Camp Safety Tips Your Tween Should Know
If your tween follows these safety tips, you'll have no reason to worry while he's away at summer camp.

Summer Camp - Common Problems Tweens Face
Prepare your child for problems that might arise at summer camp.

Having Fun Over Winter Break
Is your child ready for two weeks off from school? Here's how to have fun over winter break, and enjoy time together.

Free Things to Do This Summer with Your Tween
Interested in summer fun on a budget? A few ideas on free things to do this summer with your preteen.

Winter Holidays - What Does Your Family Do Over the Winter Holidays
The winter holidays can be a great time to take a trip, relax together or get caught up on family business. What does your family do over the winter holidays?

Child Volunteer - Does Your Child Volunteer?
Does your child like to volunteer? Share your experiences and tips on child volunteers.

Winter Movie Choices for Kids and Families
The long winter months just call out for movies. Here are some winter movie choices for kids and families.

How to Make Autograph Pillows
Need a fun craft idea for your preteen? Here's how to make autograph pillows.

Valentine Snack Mix
Need a treat for a Valentine's Day Party, or just to celebrate? This Valentine Snack Mix recipe is super easy to make.

Fun Valentine's Day Activities for Tweens

Every season has it's celebration, and winter is no different. Valentine's Day is a fun annual event that preteens still enjoy. If your tween is looking forward to Valentine's Day, consider these Valentine's day activities for kids.

Ideas for a Valentine's Day Party for Tweens
If your preteen wants to throw a Valentin's Day Party, here are a few ideas to get the party going.

Summer Hangouts for Tweens
Having a few summer hangouts can keep your tween busy and having fun.

Outdoor Chores for Tweens
Get your tween started on outdoor chores.

What to do if Your Tween is Bored of Summer
Children can get bored with summer break. Here's how to help.

Keep Your Tween Cool on Hot Summer Days
Stay cool this summer with activities that avoid the heat.

Getting a School Sports Physical
Students who play on sports teams probably have to have a physical form on file.

Back to School Tradition Ideas for Tweens
Back to school traditions can take the dread out of the back to school season.

Tips on Planning a Middle School Bash
If there's a party in the works for your middle schooler, here are some ideas and tips before the bash begins.

What to do Over a Middle School Break
How will your child spend her next middle school break?

What Tween Should Know About the School Play
Participating in the school play can teach your tween a lot.

The Money Skills All Tweens Should Know
Teach your tween to be money smart with these important money skills.

Pumpkin Decorating Ideas for Preteens
Make pumpkin decorating fun with these cool ideas.

7 Fun Ways to Use a Pumpkin
There's a lot your child can do with a pumpkin. Here are a few fun ideas.

What Your Tween Can Learn from Halloween

Plan a Scary Halloween for Your Tween
Halloween isn't any fun unless you get a little scared. Here are a few fun activities that will give your tween a scary Halloween experience.

Plan a Happening Halloween for Your Tween
Create a happening Halloween for your tween and his friends. Here's how.

Special Gifts Your Tween Can Make
A special person deserves a special gift. Have your tween make a special gift for someone in his life.

Throw a Christmas Bonfire Party for Tweens
A Christmas bonfire party is a great way to enjoy Christmas break with friends.

Cold Weather Fun for Tweens
Cold weather doesn't mean you can't have any fun. These cold weather fun activities will give your tween the opportunity to embrace the weather and make the most of it.

My Tween Wants to Quit Sports
Is your tween ready to try another sport? It might be time for a heart to heart conversation.

Is Your Tween Stuck Inside? Activities for Your Child
If a child is stuck indoors for a few days there are ways to help keep him busy and productive.

Don't Make These Slumber Party Mistakes
A sleepover party should be fun for your child and his friends, so avoid these common mistakes.

Mall Scavenger Hunt Ideas
A scavenger hunt at your local mall is a fun way for tweens to spend the day.

Scavenger Hunt Themes
Scavenger hunts are a fun way to spend a few hours, here are a few themes for your next hunt.

Board Games Your Tween Will Love
If your tween needs a little time to relax, consider a few board games that don't involve batteries, Wifi, or a remote control. There are numerous board games that provide a lot of fun for preteens.

Unusual Holidays to Celebrate with Your Tween
Your family probably celebrates all the traditional holidays, but what about these untraditional observances?

Fun Summer Sports for Tweens
Use the summer months as an excuse to enjoy these favorite summer sports.

Summer Camp Supplies Your Tween Might Need
Summer camp is a learning experience for your tween. Be sure your child has all the supplies he'll need.

The Summer Struggles of Parents
The summer months present a variety of challenges to parents of tweens, here's how to prevent or minimize those struggles.

How to Avoid Summer Camp Disasters
Make sure your child's camp experience is everything you'd hoped it would be by avoiding these common summer camp disasters.

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