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Parenting Tweens March 2012 Archive


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Why My Kid is Going to Camp This Summer

Thursday March 29, 2012
True story. About 34 years ago, I figured out what I wanted to be when I grew up. I realized my future career while away at summer camp. I had ... Read More

Middle School - Some Tweens Just Aren't That Into It

Tuesday March 27, 2012
I had a young woman write me recently about her struggles in middle school. She told me she easily spent 2-3 hours a day on homework, and was also having issues ... Read More

Great Weather - Great Opportunity for Outdoor Play

Thursday March 22, 2012
The weather where I live has been quite pleasant lately. Warm days, cool evenings, no bugs. I know that will all change shortly, when the hot temperatures, the mosquitoes and ... Read More

The Need for Family and Adult Only Vacations

Tuesday March 20, 2012
Just got back from a weekend away with my husband and some good friends of ours. Boy, did we ever need a weekend away. Leaving our children in the capable ... Read More

Taking the Home Alone Step

Thursday March 15, 2012
A coworker has been allowing her son to stay home alone a few times a week. Not for long, just a few minutes here and there, while she runs errands ... Read More

How do You Spend Spring Break?

Tuesday March 13, 2012
It's spring break season for many schools across the country. For working parents, the week off from school can pose challenges with child care arrangements, bored children, etc. For others, ... Read More

Sleepover Success - It's About the Food

Friday March 9, 2012
TGIF. And for tweens, Friday often means sleepover night. If your tween is throwing or thinking about throwing a sleepover party, consider the food. Make your own pizzas, tacos or ... Read More

March is Camp Sign-Up Month

Wednesday March 7, 2012
It may be cold where you live, and in some parts of the country, there are absolutely no signs of Spring. But the truth is, the warmer months are just ... Read More

The Allowance Debate - Not Sure Where I Stand

Monday March 5, 2012
I'm back and forth on whether or not to offer my kids an allowance. Some experts say having an allowance helps children learn how to budget, save and even delay ... Read More

Car Safety Tips Tweens Should Know

Friday March 2, 2012
Did you know that automobile crashes are a leading cause of tween deaths? Did you also know that the biggest risk factor for tweens is getting into a car with ... Read More

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