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Jennifer O'Donnell

The Overscheduled Family

By November 9, 2012

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Do you know any overscheduled children? I do. In fact, at times my own children are overscheduled. It happens so easily. You sign them up for music lessons, and then they say they want to join a sports team, so you cave. The next thing you know, you're passing yourself driving them to and from their activities.

Family dinners evaporate. Homework time is cut in half. Everyone gets stressed (even if they say they don't).


I've learned the hard way to pace myself, and my kids. And it made a difference. How about you? Are your children overscheduled? Have you found a way to balance work, school and activities? What's your secret to preventing activity burnout?


November 15, 2012 at 6:15 am
(1) audrey says:

Last year I learnt the hard way that overscheduling gets everyone frazzled, stressed and not too nice to be around. This year therefore I have insisted that my kids have a break in the week from all activities – just one afternoon in the week to laze, watch a bit of tv, catchup on reading and dream..
it works for our family – now everyone can look forward to “thats the only day I can chillax” time and everyone is happy

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